We assist you in setting up and operating a Limited Qualified Investor Fund (L-QIF) in Switzerland. This Fund has a simple structure, low cost and allows you to carry out investment activities to raise Funds for various projects.

For example, startups, investing in real estate, implementing development projects, investing in various assets, including the stock market.

Starting an investment Fund in Switzerland

Making an application
We only need your filled in questionnaire
Fund registration
Remote registration of the Fund with no personal presence
Bank account
We will offer dedicated solutions for opening an account for your Fund
Managing accounts and submitting reports remotely
Limited Qualified Investor Fund (L-QIF)
The key feature of the Fund is to provide a flexible collective investment scheme under Swiss law, which does not require FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) approval, so that it can be established much more quickly and cost-effectively.
Fund registration terms and conditions
Collective investment scheme under CISA
Available only to qualified investors
Possible investments or risk allocation should be disclosed in the fund documents
The fund management company or SICAV must ensure that the liquidity of the scheme is consistent with the investment policy, risk diversification, investor group and pay frequency
Managed in accordance with the special provisions for L-QIF
Must be structured according to one of the legal forms provided by CISA
Benefits of registration a Fund
Flexible collective investment scheme under Swiss law
No FINMA approval is required, so the fund can be set up much more quickly and cost-effectively.
There are no restrictions on possible investments or risk allocation, which makes the L-QIF concept extremely flexible
L-QIF aims to eliminate the dual oversight of the product as well as the establishment
It is a Swiss collective investment scheme as defined by CISA (collective investor investment, third-party management and equal treatment of investors)
Possibility to invest in different asset types, such as securities, real estate or other
We also provide services for obtaining a fund management company licence (if the fund structure provides for such a service)
Our company is ready to assist in obtaining FATCA registration